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Never fairy tales have been so scarily grim, mad and twisted...

Once upon a time a Survival Point & Click, dark fairy tale of the Insomniac Beauty.

Paralyzed in bed behind closed door, play as Aurora and endure the horror evolving around you by managing your senses night after night.

But be aware, nobody lives happily ever after in the world of Fairymm... Never fairy tales have been so scarily grim, mad and twisted.


Exploring sleeping troubles to create innovative gameplay systems, forget the fight or flight stereotypes of Classic Horror Games, and experience a new way of feeling scared.


Use your senses to fight the dread of more than 16 threats, with unique mechanics each. Challenge the terror of sleep paralysis with the Insomniac Beauty in this thrilling indie game.


Reveal to Aurora her dark origins by your actions in game. A Survival Point & Click that will make you rediscover the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale like never before... !


A rich narrative experience, with an emotional story, talented voice acting, at the service of reinventing fairy tales in a dark, grimm, twisted way, by addressing mature topics.


10 singular nights to face, 3 difficulty levels and 10 different endings, FAIRYMM delivers true replayability for all kind of players.


With its theme of reinventing fairy tales, this first episode of FAIRYMM is thought to be a real nightmare simulator, that even gamers who doesn’t like horror are actually loving.

8 Fairymm games ready to be made

Not only one game, but an ENTIRE licence !

8 indie horror games, with completely DIFFERENT GAMEPLAYS, all set in the same universe where they all connect.

And already more in the making...


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